eSIM data card
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Greater China 7days 3GB
7 days with 3GB high-speed data, after which the speed will be reduced to 256kbps, with no total data limit.
The calculation method of the number of days: 24 hours is considered as one day, and the validity period starts from activation.
Before purchasing, please make sure that your mobile phone and its operating system support the eSIM function. If the order is cancelled due to device incompatibility, no refund will be provided.
The iPhone sold in Mainland China does not support eSIM. In Hong Kong and Macau, only iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone Xs have eSIM functionality.
CoverageChina Mainland_Macau_Taiwan.
Receive Mode
Payment method
Why choose TALK2ALL eSIM for consumer devices?
  • The TALK2ALL eSIM platform, with a SaaS-level cloud service platform architecture, meets the individualized customization and innovation needs of users.
  • The number one roaming provider for more than 12 years.
  • Ubiquitous high-speed and high-reliability network, covering more than 200 countries and regions, 4G in more than 140 countries, and 5G in more than 60 countries.
  • Fully-owned global infrastructure and regional platforms: lowest latency end-users everywhere.
  • Global organization to support you: Follow-The-Sun customer service and customer success teams.
  • Optimized end-user experience: custom alerts and notifications, no need to manually set APN, etc...
  • Real-time and flexible: sim card, data packet and connection control.
  • Fully enabled API with high flexibility: > 200 APIs.
  • Optimize global wholesale costs: through TALK2ALL business relationships with all global mobile operators and unique roaming switching implementation platform.
  • Provide business intelligence and advanced analytics for your global connections: SMART Webvision.
Support your business model and streamline your operations.
Say goodbye to complexity, embrace simplicity, and enhance customer experience.
Platform management
Platform management
Intuitive graphical user interface
Define and distribute packets
Advanced cost and revenue management
You can monetize the service and define your own charging standards.
Design your own data packets.
Prepaid or postpaid model.
Global connectivity
Global connectivity
Reliable everywhere (multiple operators in each country).
The most extensive 5G and 4G coverage.
Optimizing end-user latency through our regional platforms.
Define connections allowed at the operator level.
TALK2ALL does not perform any steering (no preferred network in each country).
Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring
Visibility of all SIM activities.
Connecting to the network.
Service usage.
Business model
Business model
Single global price.
Optimizing wholesale costs.
Multi-channel (SMS, email, API).
Custom thresholds.
Comprehensive analysis.
Comprehensive analysis.
SMART is used for business intelligence and controlling the quality of ubiquitous connectivity.
The advantages of eSIM - simplify your life
Connect to the network anytime, anywhere
Connect to the network anytime, anywhere
Wherever your eSIM device is, your data will be with you
Download data plans, turn off your local data subscription, and use your eSIM to stay connected while abroad.
No need to look for SIM card providers when traveling, saving time.
Simple user experience
Simple user experience
A global data package that can be accessed anywhere.
Activate your connection with a QR code.
Check your data consumption in real time.
Purchase additional data packages at any time.
Flexible and convenient
Flexible and convenient
Make calls and send text messages with your primary number while getting data and internet services through eSIM.
Data plans will be up and running in a few minutes.
No high roaming fees will be incurred.
Consumers of eSIM
  • Compatible with any eSIM-compatible device.
  • Instant activation via QR code.
  • Access to TALK2ALL high-speed global coverage.
  • Tailor-made data packages for your travels.
List of devices with built-in eSIM
TALK2ALL eSIM Solution: Our mission is to simplify the complex industry operation mode
Easily access TALK2ALL connection
eSIM and QR code
  • No physical SIM card.
  • Friendly user interface
  • Immediate activation after purchase.
Usage process: Download the application - Select the package - Install eSIM - Activate eSIM
Global coverage
  • Network covering more than 200 countries.
  • 4G coverage in more than 140 countries.
  • 5G coverage in more than 65 countries.
Connection management
  • Easy to use
  • Fully control
  • Real time
How does TALK2ALL's eSIM for consumer devices work?
eSIM is available on smartphones Tablet computer Used in laptops
  • Devices with built-in eSIM.
  • Signing a contract with a local operator.
  • eSIM profiles allow you to access one or more networks (up to 700).
  • eSIM profiles can be downloaded from the TALK2ALL DP+ platform.
How does TALK2ALL manage the eSIM on the user side?
Advanced Solution - Functional Flow
Activate eSIM profile.
Different options will depend on the device manufacturer.
Activate the data package using the device eSIM menu (LPA function). 2 options:
  • Scan QR code
  • Manually enter activation code
To achieve a unified experience across devices, eSIM activation can be built directly from the Travel application. For Android, you must have carrier privileges.
TALK2ALL eSIM profile
The type of configuration file can be customized according to customer requirements.
Available profiles:
  • Single IMSI QR code: regional coverage.
  • Multiple IMSI QR codes: global coverage.
Default profile type
  • By default, both profiles will include SMS and data services (access to the internet).
  • An eSIM can carry multiple SIM profiles, but only one can be activated at the same time.
  • Only one device can be associated with one SIM card profile at a time.
  • Regardless of the device, a SIM profile can be re-downloaded a maximum of 3 times.
Profile customization.
  • Profile customization.
  • Profile reuse policy (e.g., limited to 1 device)
  • The maximum number of allowed re-downloads.
Minimum 5,000 QR codes per order.
For more details, please contact your account manager.
Activation process
From the user's perspective
  • During the eSIM activation process, the user must select which SIM card profile (local subscription or eSIM profile) to use for data connection.
  • The eSIM activation process is different for different devices.
  • In order to obtain carrier privileges, TALK2ALL/Thales needs to develop a dedicated eSIM profile type with appropriate metadata (such as the key identifier of your travel application provided by the Google Store). For more information, please contact your account manager.
Map of eSIM card coverage.
Combining global infrastructure with regional platforms to achieve optimized end-to-end latency in various locations.